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As a global service provider and industrial products supplier in the industrial automation and control field, Hylik international trading(Shanghai) CO., LTD mainly engaged in providing well-known brands with its products sales and distributions such as Parker, ATOS, VICKERS, SIEMENS, MGM, HYDAC etc. the product includes a variety of valves, pumps motor and amplifier in different industrial field, which has been applied to steel, metallurgy, energy, oil and petrol, mining, transport logistics sectors by our global customers.
Present China to build 10 enterprise-level industrial internet platforms by 2020
The government has inspected key enterprises such as Huawei and Tencent on industrial internet technology innovation and application in areas such as settings, data, products, algorithms and services to promote their experience to more companies.
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Tech-savvy Chinese companies ride global boom in construction equipment,Construction machinery, an industry in which China has a significant presence, is not just used for basic construction nowadays but for advanced projects as well, such as wind power farms, housing for industry workers, development of smart cities and medical equipment factories.
Present China releases guideline for industrial internet development
China's cabinet has unveiled a guideline for developing the "industrial internet...
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Profit growth at China's major industrial firms gathered pace in June on strong sales and retreating material costs...
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